Why The Majority Of Our Chiropractic Patients See Us Regularly for Chiropractic Wellness Care

The majority of our practice is made up of wellness based patients.  What does wellness based mean in a chiropractic clinic?  It means that our patients are choosing to see us to maintain the results they have already achieved and they want to keep their spine and nervous system as healthy as possible through regular chiropractic care.

But wait does that mean we don’t treat patients for the pain that they are having like every other chiropractic clinic in Toronto?  In a nutshell, yes and no.  

Treating pain means you are focused on alleviating one thing - the symptom.  The symptom (or in this case back or neck pain) has an underlying problem that is causing your pain.  Correcting that underlying problem will ultimately get rid of your pain (which could take time), but if you don’t maintain that correction, ultimately the problem will return and so will the pain.  

The vast majority of our patients see us for what we call Chiropractic Wellness Care.

This means that if the patient did have an underlying problem, that problem has been corrected and they are now maintaining that correction through regular chiropractic check up adjustments.

But is maintenance really wellness?  Not really.  You can actually maintain anything state you wish, you can maintain a state where the underlying problem exists and you are in daily back pain or you can maintain your spine in an optimum state.  The majority of our patients choose to maintain their spine in an optimum state.

Why is this important?  For a very important reason, our spine protects our nervous system.  Our nervous system controls everything in our body.  If we maintain our spine in an optimum state, we place less strain on our nervous system and don’t interfere with its ability to keep our body functioning the way it should.  Maintaining optimum alignment in our spine also prevents our spine from wearing out prematurely and causing permanent damage that could lead to severe pressure onto our spinal cord and nerves.  This can cause not only severe pain, but can lead to areas of our body being unable to function.

If you live or work in Toronto and are looking for a chiropractor or you have questions that you like to have answered about chiropractic care.  Give us a call or send me an email at hannikainenchiroprctic@gmail.com and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have about chiropractic care.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe!

Dr. Matthew Hannikainen

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