Chiropractor Toronto – Neck Pain

Being a chiropractor in Toronto the most common concern patients come into our office with is neck pain.  Being in downtown Toronto, many of our patients spend many hours sitting at a desk and on they smartphones.  This often results in neck pain.

When we use computers and smartphones we tend to push our head too far forward and create strain onto the muscles holding up our neck and place pressure onto the nerves that come out of our spine.  This often leads to neck pain developing.

As a chiropractor in Toronto, we focus on creating a customized care schedule to correct the cause of your neck pain.  Chiropractic care by itself has an excellent track record helping alleviate neck pain.  As your chiropractor in Toronto, we take you correction seriously can go above and beyond the normal levels of care.

If you are in Toronto and need help with your neck pain.  Give us a call at 416-504-8880 and we can help you out!

Dr. Matthew Hannikainen

Your chiropractor in Toronto

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