Thank you for 11 Well Adjusted Years of Chiropractic Care!

We just celebrated our 11th year of providing the best possible chiropractic care to the downtown Toronto community!
I wanted to thank everyone who has been a part of our chiropractic practice over the last 11 years, it has truly been an honour to be have been your chiropractor and to have been given your trust to take care of you spine.
It certainly does not seem like it has been 11 years already as I truly love chiropractic and I love being able to help people here in Toronto achieve optimal health through chiropractic care.
I feel very humbled by all the trust that people here in Toronto have placed in me over the last 11 years.
I still remember some of our first patients from early on that came in with completely disabling low back pain or neck pain and we were able to get them out walking again without pain and discomfort, it was truly a wonderful start to my career as a chiropractor. To this day, almost all of those patients still come to see us for maintenance care, it's amazing to see that even though those patients started with extreme back pain, they realized the need that once your correct a problem, the key is maintain that correction throughout your life!
It has been over 19 years since my first chiropractic adjustment that saved my life and I still continue to get adjusted regularly to maintain my spine in it's optimal state.
Thank you to everyone who helped me out along this wonderful journey that is chiropractic and thank you to each and every patient over the last 11 years that has been a part of our practice. You are the reason we love coming in to the clinic! You are the reason I strive to be the best chiropractor in Toronto! You are the reason that each and every day I am come in to the clinic I have a smile on my face! You make every day a joy to be here.
To anyone reading this here in Toronto, I invite you to come in to our clinic and see if we can help you. I love what I do and I will continue to strive to provide everyone here in Toronto with the best chiropractic care possible!
Thank you.
Dr. Matthew Hannikainen

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