How long will I need chiropractic care? How many Chiropractic adjustments will it take?

I love being a chiropractor. I love being able to help my community here in downtown Toronto by helping to restore their spines back to an optimum state. Two of the most common questions people ask about chiropractic care are:

How long will I need chiropractic care?


How many chiropractic adjustments will it take to correct my problem?

Both of these chiropractic related questions are very important for a couple reasons. The first reason is that it allows you to understand what to expect from your chiropractic care, and secondly it helps each chiropractic patients evaluate whether they want to proceed with their choice of a chiropractor in Toronto.

So how long will your need chiropractic care? How long you need chiropractic care will depend on a few factors:

1 The longer a problem has been there, the longer it takes to properly heal and correct the problem. Relying on symptoms can be distorting as they are often the last thing to show up in chiropractic patients.
2 The extent of the damage. Small amounts of damage in your spine heal sooner than large amounts of damage. Think of this like cleaning your home – the bigger the mess, the longer it takes to clean.
3 How dedicated you are to following your recommended care schedule. If you follow the recommendations, you get your results faster. If you follow something different or don’t follow the recommendations, it takes longer to get your results.

On average most of our patients that come into our chiropractic clinic have had problems that developed many months or even years prior. For most chiropractic patients with a long standing problem, it can take a long time to properly correct a spinal issue, however, once you correct a problem, it is much easier to maintain that correction than it is to correct it in the first place.
I never shy away from telling people that regular maintenance chiropractic adjustments are very important. Maintenance chiropractic adjustments maintain the results you have already achieved while helping to prevent future problems from building up.

So how many chiropractic adjustments does the average person need to get better at our chiropractic clinic in Toronto?

Once again, this number varies from person to person, anybody who is telling you that they can permanently get rid of your back pain or neck pain with one chiropractic adjustment is just pulling your leg. With only one chiropractic adjustment, you may be able to offer some degree of pain relief but ultimately it won’t create a lasting corrective change. Most of our chiropractic patients are dealing with long standing issues that require multiple adjustments before correcting it.

To properly get a good understanding of how long it would take and how many adjustments you would need, it’s best to come into our chiropractic clinic in downtown Toronto for a proper chiropractic examination. Once we know the extent of your problem, we can effectively tailor a corrective chiropractic care schedule for you. We will outline how long it will take, how many chiropractic adjustments, your homework schedule and we detail all the costs so that you know everything before beginning care so that you can make a proper informed decision about your chiropractic care.

If you live or work in downtown Toronto and have been searching for a chiropractor, feel free to give us a call at 416-504-8880 or send me an email at and we will schedule you for a chiropractic initial examination so we can start you on your road to recovery and better health!

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