Anni Papadopoulos

My experience at The Well Adjusted Chiropractic Center was an amazing one!! I was experiencing muscle tension in my neck and shoulders and visited Andrew with these issues. My first appointment included a thorough consultation where Andrew made note of my aches and pains, daily routines, habits and then gave me a brief description as to what he will be doing. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and skilled! A master of massage, I definitely recommend!!

DJ Filly

Dr. Matt is amazing! He's very knowledgeable, thorough and professional. I feel much more aligned and healthier with every treatment. My coworkers have also noticed a huge difference with my body posture. Before, my one shoulder would sit significantly lower than the other. Now they're totally evened out and I'm only one month into my treatment. I never thought I'd see improvement so quickly. I highly recommend him

Eileen Tan

I've used Andrew a few times at this clinic. He's very knowledgeable--on your first appointment he consults with you about your back issues, lifestyle and habits before he proceeds with a massage. He's the utmost professional and leaves you at ease. The service is comprehensive, he'll recommend exercises to try in between sessions. I definitely recommend

Simon Mena

I've never had a more effective adjustment than with Dr. H and I've had many chiropractors in my time

A Google User

I went to Andrew for massage therapy because I have a lot of tension built up in my neck and shoulders. He was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. Andrew took the time to explain in detail what muscles were strained and gave me exercises I could do at home. He provided me with the best massage I've ever had and was very friendly and approachable. My neck and shoulders are feeling better than they have in years. I highly recommend Andrew for massage therapy.

A Google User

I visited Andrew when I was experiencing intense back pain from the stresses of grad school, a heavy backpack and a poor mattress. He offered me some helpful advice to reduce the swelling and to prevent it in the future—and he was able to help me relax while I was there. No small feat! I certainly recommend Andrew to my friends.

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