Our Office

Being a chiropractor clinic in the heart of downtown Toronto, we appreciate the uniqueness of our patients living and working in the core of Toronto. We offer a refreshing break to your busy day, whether it come in the form of a fantastic adjustment, a relaxing massage, a smile, or just a good laugh.  Our aim is to make you feel at ease while giving you the best care you deserve. Although we are a warm and inviting clinic, we are first and foremost results oriented chiropractic clinic.  Time and time again, we get the results you are looking for.  Our patients are very impressed with the level of care and technique that we provide and often are so impressed they choose to stay with our clinic and refer many friends and family (a tough thing to do with so many other clinics to choose from). Feel free to browse our website or give us a call and ask for a tour of our clinic to see what all the buzz is about.   If you are curious to see if our chiropractic clinic could help you, call us and ask for a no charge consultation with Dr. Hannikainen to see if he can help you. When you do come into our office, you will find yourself smiling a lot, because, after all, Life IS Better When You’re Well Adjusted.

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