We created our TWACC Talks with the vision of creating a dynamic, entertaining, and educational presentation series that will inspire you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. All of our TWACC Talks talks are FREE and can be presented to a community group, organization, or to your company.

Our topics include:

How To Harness 10 Times More Energy Daily

Do you ever find yourself lacking in energy after a day of work or by the end of the work week, have no energy to do the activities you want to? In this energizing and informative presentation, we reveal the secrets that will keep you energized and upbeat throughout your entire day!

Putting Your Best Foot Forward With Custom Orthotics

Learn how having a stable, balanced foot can transform your posture and help to relieve those daily aches and pains. This presentation is a must for any athlete or any workforce that is on their feet during the day.

De-Stress for Success

Master the secrets to eliminating stress from your life. Stress has many profound physiological effects on our body and should be eliminated immediately.

The Health Empowerment Report - Your Key To Health and Vitality

Discover your hidden healing potential in this special presentation. This presentation is our most popular and forms the backbone of our TWACC Talks. Learn how your body works, how to get healthy and stay healthy. Isn't it time you stopped being sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Pain Relief Without The Pills

Learn how to eliminate pain naturally without all the potential side effects of taking medication.

Standing and Sitting On The Job (The Ups and Downs of Work)

Proper ergonomics plays a vital role in maintaining not only your health, but also in maintaining a healthy posture so that you reduce your chance of a workplace injury. Daily ergonomics help to prevent aches and pains from becoming more severe.

Relief From Headaches and Migraines
Do you suffer from headaches and migraines? If so, this is a must attend presentation for you.

The Well Adjusted Worker: Reducing Sick Days and Increasing Productivity

Want to increase the productivity of your workplace and reduce sick days? Learn how a few simple changes can make your workers more productive, reduce their sick days and be happier and healthier.


This is an exciting and educational presentation on how to detox your body safely and naturally. Learn how our proven detoxification programs can help your energy, your digestive issue and cleanse your body.

Nutrition Made Amazing

Ever wanted to know more than JUST a basic nutritional lecture? This is it. Learn all the best strategies to maximize your nutritional health and lose weight. Our patients through our nutritional programs have lost over 25lbs in 10 weeks.

Women's Health
This is a women's only lecture. Sorry guys, no crashing this lecture. We talk about all the health issues that concern women and how to prevent it.

Cardiovascular and Immune System Health

Boost your resistance to disease and increase the health of your heart. Learn valuable heart saving tips and ways to change your immune system for the better!