The Three Main Reasons People See A Chiropractor

There are three main reasons people go to see a chiropractor in Toronto. There are many different types of chiropractic clinics in downtown Toronto. Some chiropractic clinics in Toronto focus only on one of the reasons; some chiropractic clinics focus on two reason. At our chiropractic clinic we focus on all three reasons people see a chiropractor. In this article we will explore all three reasons and why one of them ends up being the most important.

Symptom Relief

Initially, symptom relief is the most common reason people go to a chiropractor. Chiropractic patients may be suffering from neck pain, low back pain, spinal pain, sciatica, knee pain, arm pain or even headaches. Chiropractic care provides excellent relief from back pain. As a result, symptom relief can be a very valuable stage of care as it changes your quality of life.

Many chiropractors in downtown Toronto focus on only trying to get a patient out of pain. Once the back pain or neck pain is gone, they are told to come back once they feel pain again. As a result, this can become frustrating for patients as they are stuck in a constant cycle of being in pain and waiting until the pain returns. The problem with this scenario is that the chiropractor did not correct the underlying cause of the pain and simply did the bare minimum to make the patient feel a little better.

Correction of a Condition

Where symptom relief care stops, correction should begin. This is where the chiropractor is working with the patient to actually correct the underlying cause of their back or neck pain. Due to this corrective nature, this process can take time. Correcting a condition becomes much more valuable as it actually corrects the underlying cause and gets the patient out of that yo-yo cycle of pain and no pain that symptom relief care tends to provide.

Wellness / Maintenance Care

Of all the reasons to see a chiropractor, this is the most valuable. Once you correct an underlying issue, simply maintain that correction by continuing with wellness care.

What's the difference between Wellness Care and Maintenance Care? Wellness Care is about keeping you in a healthy state after you've corrected an underlying issue. Maintenance care is quite different, you can maintain any state whether it is a good state or a bad state. You can do maintenance care in symptom relief as you are just maintaining that constant state of intermittent pain. The majority of our chiropractic patients choose to stay with us for Wellness Care.

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