Suffering From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Here are some of the best exercises for it!

Are you suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can sometimes be a debilitating condition for people working in downtown Toronto.
Long hours sitting in front of computer can generate symptoms very consistent with carpal tunnel syndrome.
Being a chiropractor in downtown Toronto, we see a lot of patients who have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Often in order to properly treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome we need to find what is causing the pain in the hands.
Carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to pain, tingling and numbness in the hands, this is caused by the compression of a nerve, for some people that compression can occur in the wrist in what is known as the carpal tunnel. For many other people, that compression can occur in other areas and give you the same symptoms as carpal tunnel syndrome. For many people working here in downtown Toronto, that compression can occur in either the cervical spine, the shoulder, the elbow, or the wrist. All of these areas can be damaged from sitting for long hours in front of a computer and using a smartphone.
So how do you know where the nerve is compressed? You need to be examined by a chiropractor to properly diagnose where the nerve is being compressed.
If you are in Toronto and are looking for a chiropractor to help with you carpal tunnel syndrome or even if you are looking for a second opinion on your diagnosis, give our chiropractic clinic a call, we are located in downtown Toronto at Yonge and King.
Below are some of my favourite exercises for carpal tunnel syndrome. These exercises can also be used as a means to help prevent the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome. Before beginning any of the exercises below, please consult a chiropractor.

Carpal Tunnel Exercises

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