Do you suffer from chronic headaches? Read below to discover how we eliminate headaches at our downtown Toronto Chiropractic Clinic

Do you suffer from headaches? If so, you are among many who do here in downtown Toronto. If you are having headaches more often then every few months then it is likely time to seek treatment. At our chiropractic clinic in downtown Toronto, many of our patients come into our office suffering from chronic headaches and we have helped them eliminate those headaches! There are many different causes of headaches from dehydration, to actual issues with your spine.

The most common cause of headaches we see are from increased tension and pressure placed onto the cervical spine from long hours sitting in front of a computer. In the downtown core, many of our chiropractic patients spend more than 8 hours a day sitting in front of a computer monitor! When you combine that smart phone usage and watching tv at home, that is A LOT of hours where you are pushing your head forward and increasing the tension in the neck. This bad posture and increased tension can start to place pressure onto the delicate nerves that are in your cervical spine. When this happens, this can cause headaches to start showing up. If you remain in that bad posture for a long enough period of time, this can start to create some damage in your spine that could lead to ongoing chronic headaches. We have patients coming into our chiropractic office suffering from daily headaches for the last several years! That can be very disabling to someone's life.
When people in downtown Toronto seek out a chiropractor to help them with their headaches, they should feel confident that their chiropractor knows exactly what is the cause of their headaches and what they are going to do to correct the cause of those headaches.

Developing a strategy to correcting the cause of chronic headaches starts with an extensive and comprehensive initial examination. At our chiropractic clinic we ALWAYS start by doing a very extensive initial examination to find out the cause of the headaches. If necessary we send patients who are suffering from chronic headaches for x-rays to see if there is any damage to the spine or if there are any contraindications to starting chiropractic care. We then build a treatment plan tailored to you based on the results of the examination and the x-rays and review that with you on second visit after the initial examination so you understand what is causing your headaches and what we are going to do to correct it. Then we begin treatment.

I have heard from so many people in the downtown Toronto that they have had negative experiences from a chiropractor and did not get any relief from chiropractic care. Every single time when I ask them about the care the same three things keep coming up over and over again. The first, is that the chiropractor barely did any type of examination and just walked into the room and started treatment (this should always be a red flag for you as a patient - I would never walk into a consult with a surgeon and they just start operating on me without examining me...would you?). The second is that the chiropractor NEVER sends them for x-rays and insists they "know what's going on with you spine". Nobody has x-ray vision, how can that person truly know what is going on with your spine without x-rays. The last mistake is they are never explained what is actually needed to be done to correct the cause of their chronic headaches.

These mistakes NEVER happen at our chiropractic clinic. We will never skip steps and always ensure that you know what is causing your headaches and what exactly we will be doing to fix it.

If you are suffering from chronic headaches and live or work in downtown Toronto, consider choosing us as your chiropractor, you will be very happy that you did.

If you have any question always feel free to email me your questions!

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