Shoulder pain? If so you need to read this on the best shoulder exercises to eliminate pain!

It is that time of year where a lot of new patients are coming into our chiropractic clinic in Toronto with shoulder pain or discomfort. The reason so many people are coming into our office with shoulder pain is because the nice hot weather has ended where they were more active than they normally have been. Often this exposes a problem in the shoulder that has been building and the new activity levels has caused more damage and pain has now shown up! As a chiropractor in Toronto, I work on shoulder issues every single day and one of the most common issues I see is that the scapula is either not moving correctly which causes a bio-mechanical dysfunction in the shoulder, leading to pain and tension in the shoulder.

So how do you we get rid of this pain?

The first step is we have to get the shoulder moving correctly. This comes from a set of very specific adjustments that I do that very few other chiropractors do. This gets the arm and scapula moving in harmony and almost immediately eliminates that shoulder pain. The next step that we do in the healing process is soft tissue work, this can involve Active Release Technique and registered massage therapy. Jason is one of the most talented registered massage therapists that I have had the pleasure of meeting, there is a reason he is in high demand.

Once the shoulder and the soft tissue have begun to heal correctly, we start you on a series of exercises that help to strengthen the shoulder and scapula. The exercises I have provided below are some of the most frequent and best utilized shoulder exercises we give out.

If you have or are experiencing any shoulder pain, please see a chiropractor before you begin these exercises. If you live or work in Toronto, I would love to become your chiropractor and give you the best possible chiropractic care you can receive.

Enjoy the exercises!Shoulder Scapula pain 1

Shoulder scapula pain 2

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  1. Thanks for posting these exercises for shoulder pain. I showed them to my husband last week and he has reported to me that his shoulder is stronger and has less pain. He has a difficult time doing the Rows but the rest we has no problem. Glad I saw your blog. Teri Atlas Biomechanics