The Best Exercises for Runners from your Toronto Chiropractor!

The nice weather is finally here in Toronto! For many people in downtown Toronto, that means getting outside and enjoying the weather and starting an outdoor exercises routine! For many, that includes starting a running routine. Running is great exercise and can help to burn fat and improve your cardio!
Running can also be a lot of stress and force onto your body that can create injuries. As a chiropractor in downtown Toronto, we see many running related injuries, some of which can be prevented by following a proper strengthening routine. Whether you are training for a marathon, a 5k or just simply trying to burn calories, the strength training routine I am including will make you run more efficiently, stronger and improve your times. I personally used this routine to reduce my half marathon time by almost 20 minutes!
This routine is designed to strengthen the muscles that you use during all phases of the running stride so you are running strong in all phases of the motion!
Before you begin this routine or even a running program, it is very important to see a chiropractor prior to starting. Chiropractors can help to identify any potential underlying injuries that you are unaware of. This can help to prevent injuries when you start your running program! Regular chiropractic care also improves your running stride and most runners are able to perform better and be injury free throughout their training!
If you are in downtown Toronto and are looking for a chiropractor or you just need a second opinion before beginning your running program, contact us here:
I will personally respond to you and answer any questions you may have.
Enjoy the strengthening routine!
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