The Best Exercises to improve your golf game and prevent injuries from your Toronto Chiropractor!

Summer is in full swing here in downtown Toronto! For a lot of people in downtown Toronto that also means getting out and enjoying a few rounds of golf. We have unfortunately been seeing new patients coming in at our downtown chiropractic clinic with injuries from playing golf. We have seen a lot of patients with low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, wrist pain and even neck pain following their golf round. I thought I would share with you an amazing strengthening routine to help improve your golf game but also to strengthen areas that are commonly injured during golf rounds. You do require some elastic resistance bands to help with the routine but they are quite inexpensive to buy.
It is advised that if you are already suffering from any low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, wrist pain or any other type of pain, to consult a chiropractor prior to starting any exercise routine whether it is strength training or even starting a golf routine. Chiropractic care can eliminate unwanted pain and discomfort but also help prevent the onset on any injuries. If you are in downtown Toronto and are looking for a chiropractor, give us a call at 416-504-8880 or use our online submission to send us a note and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. If you are not from downtown Toronto and need a chiropractor, send me an email and I will get a referral for a great chiropractor near you!
I hope you enjoy the golf strengthening exercises!
Have a wonderful summer and enjoy this heat!
Dr. Matthew Hannikainen
Golf Stregthening 1

Golf Stregthening 2

Golf Stregthening 3

Golf Stregthening 4

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