The value of commitment to your health care goals – Advice from your downtown Toronto Chiropractor

So we are into week 6 of our new years resolutions!  This is a defining moment for many people, do they stick to their goals or do they begin to drift off and abandon their spinal health care goals!

For over 10 years I have practiced chiropractic in the downtown core of Toronto and I have seen both cases.  Whether someone sticks to their health care goals or not comes down to a difference in two similar but VERY different words:  Interested and Committed.

These two words may sound similar but they are two very different mindsets.  Being committed to something means you will put in the effort and hard work to reach your goals.  People who are committed create schedules that work for them and keep those schedules.   Being interested in something often means people do not create the schedules and routines that are required for success.

People often ask me why our patients do so well in their care and get amazing results.  The answer is simple: the patient is committed to getting better and I am committed to getting them better as their chiropractor.  Commitment requires hard work, it doesn’t come easy, but success comes with commitment.  If you are committed to getting better and willing to give it 100% effort, then you will do great, but if you are only interested in getting better, and only give it 20% know what kinds of results you will get.

How do we stay committed to your chiropractic care?  I love what I do and chiropractic care saved my life. My passion for what I do builds the foundation that powers me to do the best possible I can for you.  We do frequent progress exams to monitor your progress and make changes to your care schedule when necessary.  We perform our progress exams about twice as often as the normal chiropractic clinic.  This is key to your success, you need to create goals and be able to measure them!  Getting rid of neck and back pain is the easiest part of what we do.  Correcting the underlying cause of those symptoms is the hard part as this requires a lot of commitment from both the chiropractor and the patient.  Don’t believe the person who says they can “fix” everything incredibly quickly....if it sounds too good to be is.  Correcting any underlying health problem is hard work and commitment...the chiropractor who tells you they can fix you in a short period of time is only interested in getting you better...they aren’t committed and don’t have an overall plan to correct the cause of your neck and back pain....that’s not what we do...we always have a plan, and tell you what that plan is because we are committed to getting you better and keeping you better.

If you are committed to getting better and need a chiropractor in downtown Toronto that is committed to getting you better and creating lasting changes, give us a call and we can show you why our office is so unique and special.

Life is better when you’re well adjusted.

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