How To Know If You Need To See A Chiropractor – Advice From Your Chiropractor in Toronto

How to know if you need to see a chiropractor

This is one of the most common questions I get asked when I am outside of the office from people who have never seen a chiropractor before or have not had the best experience with a chiropractor in the past.  So I figured I would make a list of the most common reasons people in downtown Toronto come in to see us for chiropractic care.  Here is the list of the 6 most common reasons people in downtown Toronto seek chiropractic care:

You have pain somewhere in your body

Pain is a red flag that you need to seek care.  Yes pain can go away on its own, but it still could be a warning sign that a problem may be building in your body.  I don’t practice on a pain based model like alot of other chiropractors in Toronto.  The reason I practice this way is because the longer you leave a problem sitting there, pain or no pain, it becomes harder to correct down the road.  This is because your body adapts to that injury or problem and as you age, your healing factor also begins to slow down, this makes the healing process both slower and harder – think more effort and less results.  The earlier you can take action and start the healing process, the better your recovery will be.  Anyone telling you otherwise isn’t overly concerned about your overall well being.

One of the most common scenarios I see in office is patients tend to get a pain, then the pain goes away in a few days or weeks on its’ own and then returns again at a date in the future, and they continue to repeat this cycle until the pain has been consistently there for a minimum of two weeks.  At that point, the problem may have been present for years, this makes it harder to fix.

Bottom line: as soon as you feel pain, call us, DO NOT let pain sit around thinking it will just go away on its own.

You don’t sleep well

Being a chiropractor in downtown Toronto, this is literally the most common complaint people have when they start care with us.  The best part is that not long after they begin chiropractic care with us, they start sleeping soundly through the night.  If you are having trouble falling asleep or are having non-restful sleep, call us today.

Spinal misalignments can cause tension and stress onto your nervous system.  Your nervous system controls and regulates every single function in the human body, including your sleep.  If your nervous system is stressed out and unable to function properly, you won’t function properly.  Stress onto the nervous system causes people to be unable to effectively calm down at night and get the proper rest that they need.  Getting chiropractic adjustment alleviates that stress and helps people to calm down at night and get the rest they need.

You have low energy

Once again, this is one of the most common complaints patients have when they begin care with us.   Being a chiropractor in the downtown core of Toronto, I see too many patients not being able to effectively sleep at night and not be properly rested in the morning.  This can lead to chronic fatigue.   Many of our patients experience adrenal fatigue and reduced energy levels due to both physical and emotional chronic stress placed onto their spine and nervous system.    It’s a game changer for many of our patients lives to regain their energy levels once they start to get adjusted, they often cannot believe how much more rejuvenated they feel.  If you have low energy levels and work or live in downtown Toronto, you need to come in for a chiropractic check up and see if we can help raise your energy.

You’re grumpy or have a negative mood

We see this transformation in our office all the time.  Patients begins care with us and are grumpy or has a negative spin on every aspect of life, and in a few months the patient has transformed into an energetic, happy and exuberant individual!  One of my favourite stories about patients with mood was from a young woman who had been under care with us for about 9 months, I asked her what she has noticed most since she has started to get adjusted and she responded with a laugh “Well my coworkers have stopped calling me a B@$#!”.   Sometimes people aren’t just born grumpy, through years of physical and emotional stress it compounds and builds leading to a grumpy or negative state of mind.  Once you are in that state of mind you often do not realize how it affects the relationships around you.  One of our goals in practice is to create a happier community in the downtown core of Toronto through chiropractic care and it’s wonderful to see that occur when patients start coming back into the office telling us how much their mood has changed and they feel so happy now.  As I am writing this, a patient that has been getting adjusted for years was in for her regular adjustment commented not only how much her mood changed through chiropractic care, but also how much she looks forward to coming to our office every week for her adjustment, she describes it as her oasis from the regular chaos of downtown.  It made us smile knowing that we can provide that for her every week.  Come by and see our clinic and meet us, we aren’t your every day run of the mill chiropractic clinic in Toronto, when you walk through our doors for your regular adjustments, we want you to feel like you just walked into your own home.

You have noticed your posture is off

Posture is often said to be window to your spine and it’s pretty true, bad posture is often a sign of spinal misalignments that have healed wrong.  The good part is that posture is almost always correctible.  Postural correction falls into my wheelhouse much more than your typical pain based chiropractor.  My core technique that I practice is Chiropractic Biophysics – you can read up on it here:   .  There isn’t another chiropractic technique that places such an emphasis on postural correction as CBP does and there are very few of us in Toronto who have been properly trained in the technique.  Postural imbalances have an impact onto how our body moves, how we distribute our weight, how we place stress onto our spine and also how confident we appear to others around us.  I know the last one seems weird to mention, but anyone who works in downtown Toronto knows how important it is to convey confidence.  If your posture is off and are in Toronto, you need us as your chiropractor.  Give us a call and we will help you out.

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