The 7 Best Exercises To Do At Your Desk To Reduce Neck and Back Pain!

Being a chiropractor in downtown Toronto, I constantly see patients suffering from the effects of sitting at a desk in front of computer for long hours!  This creates a huge strain on their body!  Sitting in front of a computer may not seem like it will lead to neck and back pain, but given enough time in a bad position, it will.  Most commonly sitting at a desk leads to neck pain, back pain, headaches, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and increased stress.

Think of sitting at a desk like creating a daily deficit in your body, at what point does the debt get so big you have to start dealing with it?  For most people, that time is when they have let the debt build up so big they begin to get symptoms.  Often people let symptoms like neck pain, back pain or headaches and migraines persist for weeks, months or even sometimes years before they decide to seek care.  That's often when they seek out the best chiropractor in Toronto to get some relief from their symptoms! But for many people, the debt is often so big after many years of sitting at a desk that it is no longer a quick fix and requires  work to get you better.  This is where our chiropractic clinic comes in, we are excellent at correcting the years of damage to your spine that sitting at a desk has caused.

So what I've decided to do is to share 7 of my favourite exercises to do at your desk during the work week to help minimize that daily deficit (it doesn't necessarily mean you eliminate the deficit, just minimize it).  These exercises aren't meant to be a corrective course of care for you, just to help you minimize the effects of sitting at desk.

Before you start any of these exercises, you should be examined by a chiropractor before you begin this routine!  If you are in Toronto and need a chiropractor, or even if you have seen a chiropractor and feel you need a second opinion, give  us a call at 416-504-8880 and we will be happy to help you out.  If you have any hesitations or concerns about seeing a chiropractor or you need a referral for a chiropractor in your area, send me an email and I will respond to you!

Feel free to print out the images and do them at your desk!  If you have any questions feel free to email me at


Dr. Hannikainen

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