THE 3 Best Ways to Achieve All Your Health Goals in 2019 From Your Downtown Toronto Chiropractor!

The 3 Best Ways to Achieve all your health goals in 2019!

It’s another New Year here in Toronto and for many of us, that has prompted us to start evaluating our life and seeing where we want to go and what we want to achieve in 2019!

As a chiropractor in downtown Toronto, I see that a lot of people’s goals are health related and often they call it a New Year’s resolution. Sadly, a lot of people tend to drop their resolutions within a few weeks, this is why I myself don’t like the concept of a resolution, I prefer goal setting for the year.

Why I prefer this method is it allows us to frame a positive state of mind on what we want to achieve this year, whether it is living pain free, losing weight, running a marathon, or learning a new language. Whatever it is you want to do in 2019, you need to set out a few steps in order to achieve your goals. So here are my 5 best tips on how to achieve all your health goals in 2019.

1. Frame your goal in a positive light and visualize that goal. Let’s say your goal is to lose 30lbs this year….why not frame your goal as “I want to BE 30lbs lighter.” There are a couple reasons why it will help you to frame it this way, first off, what if you lost 30lbs but then regained it by the end of the year….did you achieve your goal? Yes, you did, but then you’re back to square one. Framing it as being lighter allows you to visualize being 30lbs lighter and it means you visualize yourself staying this way and maintaining a lighter bodyweight. Even the word “lose” is a negative word so it sets you up to fail. What if your goal was to get rid of your back pain? Why not frame it as “I want to live pain free.” See the difference? This is the key, you have to start framing your goal positively.

2. The second major tip is to view your goal as a project. This means you need to become a project manager for your goal! This means you have to map out each and every step that is needed to achieve your goal. A simple and very effective way to do this is to make a Gantt Chart! If you don’t know what a Gantt chart is you can see one here: Every time a patient comes into our downtown Toronto Chiropractic clinic I create one of these to outline how we are going to achieve their health goal. If someone comes in with low back pain or neck pain and wants to get rid of it, I need to assess what is causing their pain and then design a plan and layout each and every step of how we are going to achieve their health goal of living pain free through chiropractic care.

3. The third major tip is to seek help in achieving your goal. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to achieve your health goal. There are people out there who have helped people achieve the same health goal you have and can help you outline everything you need to do achieve that goal. Not only are they able to help you with the second step, but they also can be there to encourage and motivate you into achieving your health goal! This can have a massive effect on getting you where you want to be!

That’s the three big steps you need to follow to achieve your health goals in 2019! If you have a spinal health goal this year and want to live a pain free life and be healthier and enjoy life to the fullest, then you should definitely start chiropractic care! If you live or work in Downtown Toronto and need a chiropractor, give us a call or send us an email and I will be happy to help you achieve your goal in 2019!

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