Get rid of your neck and back pain NOW!

It’s time to start working out those aches and pains in your neck and your back!

Summer weather has arrived here in Toronto, and that means it’s time to start getting outdoors and enjoying the weather (in a safe, responsible way of course).  For Torontonians, having been in a lockdown since November, many people are feeling the urge to get outside and enjoy the weather, especially given how quickly vaccines have been rolling out lately!  Shout out to the federal government for throwing more vaccines at Ontario than we know what to do with!

Ok, so summer is great, but we have been locked down for a long time and for many of us that means a few things, we have been moving less, under more stress, we’ve gained weight and have been neglecting our physical health during lockdown.  For many people that has manifested in the form of increased neck and back pain or even generalized stiffness.  

You need to start getting your spine in order before summer fully gets here so that you can maximize your enjoyment of what hopefully will be a great summer!

This means you need to see a chiropractor soon!  Nobody is going to take better care of your spine than a chiropractor and get your back in shape for summer!

The first thing you need to look for when choosing a chiropractor is whether they do an initial history and exam and take any necessary x-rays. 

I had a new patient start this week with us and they said that they had visited a chiropractor a couple years ago and they didn’t take a history, didn’t do an examination, they just had them lay down on the table and proceeded to adjust them.  I shook my head in disbelief and apologized to the patient for someone in profession behaving that way….sadly this isn’t the first time I’ve had patients tell me similar stories (run away from people that operate their practice this way or make claims “they just know” what the problem is without a history or exam - it’s just irresponsible on the part of the practitioner).  

So call around to different chiropractic clinics and get a sense of how they operate before you decide on the best chiropractor in Toronto for you.

Once a proper history, exam and x-rays have been taken, the chiropractor should go through the findings with you and give your recommendations for care and start to get your adjusted.  Most of our patients start to notice some degree of relief and an increase in mobility within a fairly short period of time.  After this short period of time, most chiropractic patients are able to begin exercising and enjoying more outdoor activities.

If you have been experiencing an increase in neck or back pain and need help, give us a call at our downtown Toronto Chiropractic clinic or send us an email.  If you have any questions about how you can get your spine ready for summer, call or email us.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates! Enjoy the long weekend and stay safe Toronto!

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