Our Downtown Toronto Chiropractic Clinic is now open!

Our downtown Toronto Chiropractic Clinic has reopened for regular chiropractic and massage therapy services!
Our chiropractic care and massage therapy hours will initially be on a reduced format gradually expanding hours depending on the directional trends on provincial daily case numbers for COVID-19.

Initially our hours for Chiropractic Services will be:
Monday 12-6pm
Wednesday 12-6pm
Thursday 12-6pm

Initially our hours for Registered Massage Therapy will be:
Monday 12-6pm
Thursday 12-6pm

In an effort to maintain safety for all patients, staff and other tenants in the building, we have requirements that will need to be met before you are able to be seen for either chiropractic care or registered massage therapy as there are new provincial guidelines to follow as well as requirements by our building which is under a "soft lockdown".
1. All appointments for both chiropractic and massage therapy must be scheduled and confirmed in advance. We cannot accommodate drop ins at this time. Building security will not allow you entry to the building if you are not scheduled.
2. To enter the building, you are required to wear PPE which includes face masks and gloves.
3. The building is restricting lingering in both the main level lobby and the common area on our floor.
4. To enter our office, please wash your hands in the washroom prior to entering - the door is unlocked and does not require a pass code.
5. You will need to keep your face mask on while in the office.
6. While in the office, please maintain social distancing of 2m. We will be scheduling patients appropriately to help maintain distancing in the office.
7. There may be lineups to enter the building as the elevators have an occupancy capacity of 2 people at any given time. Be prepared for this in advance.
8. If you are running late due to transit issues etc, please call ahead to make sure we are able to still accommodate you for your appointment (we may be at capacity at that time). We may need to reschedule you.

Twyla will be in the office for scheduling appointments. If you would like to schedule an appointment please contact us via email, phone or text us at 647-793-0977. We are accepting new patients at this time for both chiropractic care and massage therapy. If you live in downtown Toronto please give us a call and we will help you out.
I look forward to seeing all of you, I know it has been difficult for many of you to go without your regular care, rest assured we will work hard to get you back on track with your chiropractic care in a safe and cautious manner.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Matthew Hannikainen

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