Who uses Chiropractic?

People from all walks of life use chiropractic care, from celebrities to medical doctors to students and everyone in between.

Here are just a few of the testimonials from some high profile individuals:

“I could not have won the Tour de France without the assistance of my Chiropractor.” – Lance Armstrong

“I’ve been going to the chiropractor for as long as I remember. It is important to my game as practicing my swing!” – Tiger Woods

“I depend on chiropractic and so does my whole family. . I have been making a movie in Mexico and all of us on the set saw the chiropractor to keep us going. All of the crew, electricians, stunt people, actors, all of us, were adjusted regularly by this great woman chiropractor who worked around the clock to take care of us all. That’s what chiropractors do; take care of people like no other kind of healer.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

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