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Get rid of your neck and back pain NOW!

It’s time to start working out those aches and pains in your neck and your back!

Summer weather has arrived here in Toronto, and that means it’s time to start getting outdoors and enjoying the weather (in a safe, responsible way of course).  For Torontonians, having been in a lockdown...

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Save Your Back Shovelling Snow!

Here in Toronto, we received our first significant snowfall this week and many of our chiropractic patients were out shovelling snow, some of them used great technique and others didn’t.  You can guess which group came in for their chiropractic adjustment this week with low back pain.

We are likely...

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Are all chiropractic patients adjusted the same way? Advice from your chiropractor in Toronto!

Have you ever heard or wondered whether chiropractic patients are adjusted the same way? Have you ever heard that it's just the same chiropractic adjustment for each visit? In this blog, these questions are answered from our chiropractor in Toronto to give you a better understanding of whether every chiropractic patient receives the same chiropractic adjustment. Within chiropractic...
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