Monthly Archives: June 2020

Are all chiropractic patients adjusted the same way? Advice from your chiropractor in Toronto!

Have you ever heard or wondered whether chiropractic patients are adjusted the same way? Have you ever heard that it's just the same chiropractic adjustment for each visit? In this blog, these questions are answered from our chiropractor in Toronto to give you a better understanding of whether every chiropractic patient receives the same chiropractic adjustment. Within chiropractic...
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Our Downtown Toronto Chiropractic Clinic is now open!

Our downtown Toronto Chiropractic Clinic has reopened for regular chiropractic and massage therapy services! Our chiropractic care and massage therapy hours will initially be on a reduced format gradually expanding hours depending on the directional trends on provincial daily case numbers for COVID-19. Initially our hours for Chiropractic Services will be: Monday 12-6pm Wednesday 12-6pm Thursday 12-6pm Initially our hours for...
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